What about Rodman Hall?

I'm included in the exhibition about Rodman Hall’s place in the consciousness of our community. I have two works in this show, a text piece Don't Make Me Spell It Out In Macaroni And Paint it Gold and a new video titled Missed Communication.

Group Show by Members of the Niagara Artists Centre 1 April – 2 July, 2016

ARTWORKS BY: Gregory Betts, Marcie Bronson, Brittany Brooks, Sandy Fairbairn, Geoff Farnsworth, Alexa Fraser, Janny Fraser, Amy Friend, Will Griffiths, Joe Harris, Marinko Jareb, Duncan MacDonald, Melanie MacDonald, Kate Mazi, Sandy Middleton, Ben Mosher, Catherine Parayre, Carrie Perreault, St. Catharines Arts & Letters Club, Donna Szőke, Matthew Tegal, Amber Lee Williams, Carolyn Wren

More info can be found here.