New Work

Für Elise, Revisited

New work from my solo exhibition little tremors has been uploaded to the website.

This work includes "Für Elise, Revisited" which is a duet/ collaboration with the garbage trucks of Taiwan. The garbage trucks in Taipei play one of Beethoven's most familiar pieces to signal to people to bring down their garbage for nightly collection. I haven't played this song since I was 10 years old; during the past few months I've been relearning how to read sheet music and play the piano.


This work is included in the With my < >, trade your < > . This is an on-going project and along the exhibition concept it is a gift for the artist RoHsuan Chen. The text that accompanies it reads:

For RoHsuan,


Tears made everything that had so far seemed unreal, real.


Prototype I


RoHsuan's website can be found here:

Seasonal Fruits

I've just finished a series of photographs of seasonal fruits. The fruits have all been hand-painted a ubiquitous pink colour. They are simultaneously a celebration and a critique of globalization and uniformity. The homogeneity of the re-purposed fruit creates a candy coating over the often unknown and with broad strokes, provides a familiarity.